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Hah! So many recipes I see in the paper start "In your mixer blend salt, sugar, and flour...." and yes, wooden spoon here, or for eggs, depending on how much beating is needed, fork, whisk. or for really frothy, egg beater.

"Scrambled eggs.... break the eggs into your blender and program it for...."

There is a bit of a movement on to (re) discover older methods or tools that actually work better. It is rank heresy, of course, since better of course must mean newer. And more gadgety. And higher tech. Preferably involving the internet. And the hipsters are gong retro at a measurable rate of speed. How odd, to be a hopster at the age of 77.

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I wonder whether anyone else does all their mixing by hand as well? I understand
someone with arthritis or other disability using an electric mixer, but for me
the extra labour involved in cleaning, setting up and packing away a mixer is
far greater than the effort of using a wooden spoon.


On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 02:37:44PM -0500, Aruvqan wrote:

> I also prefer to cook from scratch because to me it is just as easy as
> dumping a box of mix into a bowl, and I find it relaxing. Well, and I can
> also control what goes into my body =)

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