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>>  On Dec 12, 2016, at 10:51 AM, Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote:
>>  I remember Dick and Jane. See Dick. See Dick run. Run Dick, Run.
>>  Heh.
>>  But I wasn't bored with those because it seems like it was straight 
>>  those to the abridged Treasure Island and 20,000 Leagues Under The 
>>  Those were great adventure stories and the abridged versions were 
>>  the right length. Then I don't remember too much until Rocket Ship
>>  Galileo and then I was off to read the entire library science fiction
>>  section.
>>  Anyway I don't see much wrong starting with very simple reading 
>>  like Dick and Jane as long as it keeps getting better. Once the kids
>>  know the words keep advancing the stories.
>Agreed.  They didn’t last long, and kids learning to read at all is fun 
>- then we learned to read real books.
>Some people learn to read by recognizing words, others by sounding out 
>letters.   We do both now, as we recognize words that aren’t pronounced 
>phonetically, and we figure out how to pronounce words that are.

I also predate Dick & Jane. I also predate television. I never saw a 
television set until I was 11 and then it was a neighbor's. My family 
did not get a television set until I was 15. So I read. My reading 
tastes were catholic - anything and everything. In school I got _The New 
York Times_ each morning for $0.10 per week and I would devour it every 
day. And then my father brought home _The New York Sun_ each evening - 
more grist for the mill. (Strange that an evening newspaper would be 
called _The Sun_, but that was the case.) And I wound up at the library 
at least twice a week. As to schoolbooks, I finished them off within a 
week and was the despair of my teachers for this as I  was bored for the 
rest of the term. Ahh, that I could still read one tenth as quickly as I 
could when young.


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