[LMB] Speaking of Worldviews....."Hold My Beer, I got this..."

Corrina Lawson corrinaannelawson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 02:26:49 GMT 2016

The whole discussion reminded me of one I'd seen recently that originated
on Tumblr, about the way humans are viewed in the United Federation of

The premise being that humans, to the rest of the sentient beings in the
United Federation, are basically the "hold my beer, I got this," species.

They do unusual, weird, unnecessary and unpredictable things with

The full post:   http://imgur.com/gallery/wpZ4w

Some quotes:
"Aliens who have seen 'Back to the Future' don't realize Doc Brown is
supposed to be funny."


"Vulcan science academy: why do you need another warp core?
Humans; We're going to plug two of them together and see if we can go twice
as fast.
Vulcans: Last time we gave you a warp core, you threw it into the sun to
see if it would go twice as fast.
Humans: hahahahah...yeah.
Humans: It did tho.
Humans: It exploded twice as fast!

Do they decide to duplicate the Romulan cloaking device precisely, just to
see if they can match it what other species have? Nope, they decide, hey,
while we're at it, while we're building our very first one of these things,
just to find out if this is possible, let's see if we can make this thing
phase us out of normal space so we can fly through planets while we're

But why, said the one Vulcan in the room.

Because that would fucking rule, said the humans.."


After reading the whole series of posts, I was somehow reminded of Miles. ;)


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