[LMB] Worldview (1) Now OT: meat-grinders and jams and jellies and handmade stuff

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Antique stores; or, Vermont Country Store. Or estate sales of Really Older People. but lotsa luck on that. Most of those who cook, modernized years ago.

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Oooh, I would love a meat-grinder, but the ones I see in stores don't seem to
be all that sturdy, and I don't really have access to vintage ones. For some
reason, ground meat is going for slightly more money in Japan than whole meat
-- well, I suppose it makes sense from the labor costs point of view, but not
from the recycle-the-useless-meat point of view.

(-: I am thinking about making jam from frozen berries this month, too (it's
winter up here). Roads were closed because of the typhoon in August, so I
can't make it to Sapporo to get the bulk, cheap-but-only-sugar-and-fruit jam
that I like.

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