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Tue Dec 13 09:19:11 GMT 2016

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Subject: [LMB] Worldview (1)

I've become very concerned about the extreme intolerance of the net - it
has become dangerous to dissent. People who express a different opinion to
the mainstream receive a flood of threats to themselves and their families: death,
rape, houses burnt, and so on. Reactions are incredibly extreme to the mildest
disagreements. Meanwhile real causes, real cases that deserve attention and
assistance, are often swept aside, especially if they don't fall on the list of
approved causes.
Gwynne, I don't really want to get into real-world applications, because 
I'd be very tempted to indulge in some whine-shaming. I will say if 
something is obvious and true, does it really need to be said?

"Tell me something I don't know, or stop talking."
Some kids call me fat. I recognize that that's obvious and true; it's also true (but 
I hope not so obvious) that I now think they are little jerks.

Jerks, alas, come in all ages, and I believe that they don't always deserve that benefit.


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