[LMB] Snowflakes, and weight loss

Douglas Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Tue Dec 13 18:11:49 GMT 2016

So where are all these instances of people "feeling attacked" for just being asked the equivalent of clearing the hallway?

I'm sure some instances get played up in the social media, but I've never encountered one myself, or even heard about one from my friends. Not even anecdata.

And, regarding weight per se, the growing consensus is against the classical "calories in, calories out" model, and towards individual metabolic differences--two people, on the same diet and same exercise regime may respond widely differently in terms of weight loss. See http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/12/health/weight-loss-obesity.html

On 12/13/2016 09:27 AM, B. Ross Ashley wrote:
> I find myself compelled to take up the cudgels against some of the
> worldviews expressed in this thread. As it happens, there are some
> female politicians in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador
> being publicly attacked, fatshamed, slutshamed, etc., on Twitter, by one
> or a group of anonymous cowards.
> This is not civilised behaviour, and If I knew who they are I would call
> them out publicly.
> These public officials are not "special snowflakes", they are real
> people who deserve better, even if they have profound political
> differences with such as me.

There is a real difference between being actually attacked for being
fat, and for *feeling attacked* for being asked to move out of a doorway
or denied an economy airline seat. The last two are physical facts about
taking up more room than usual and are not necessarily attacks. Just
being American in Asia gets the same effect.

"Move your fat a**" is an attack.

"Please clear the hallway" is not.

Expressing outrage because airlines actually care about their 95%
passengers who don't want to be squeezed into a corner by their seatmate
is not a useful thing. And I get outraged by their outrage. Heh.

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