[LMB] OT: oh, the humanity! or USS Making S*** Up

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Dec 14 02:17:58 GMT 2016

> On Dec 13, 2016, at 11:56 AM, Dave McMillan <skyefire at skyefire.org> wrote:
>    Humans for UTTER BATSHIT INSANE solutions to impossible problems, which should NEVER work, but Q-only-knows-how still DO.
>    Hm... Humans are the "Miles Vorkosigan" of the Trek verse.  :) Everyone else can't decide between be ally or enemy, because Innocent Bystanders get sucked in, but Enemies are what humans get... *creative*... on.
>    Vulcan Officer 1:  "What is the most... alarming... thing you have ever encountered?"
>    Vulcan Officer 2:  "Any report by a human officer that includes the word 'improvisation' anywhere.

That sells, because we know we are imperfect and fantasize about being the best anyway.   In most of my “Golden Age of Science Fiction”, the heroes didn’t have serious doubts or flaws.   They just happened to be more aggressive and risk takers than the rest of the universe.

Science Fiction has matured to the stage that we have Miles having to overcome his flaws, and still grows up to be an ordinary person worried about his mother’s love affairs.

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