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Thu Dec 15 15:16:37 GMT 2016

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 9:21 AM, Ruchira Mathur <wetair at gmail.com> wrote:

> The second one where people commenting on their achievement and people
> taking it in way it was not intended. (Though sometimes such personal
> antidotes are used to say: I could do it and the only reason you can't is
> because you are such and such. But not always. Or even, usually.)
> As for other - not intending to cause hurt doesn't mean hurt was not
> caused. Just because someone didn't mean to break the other person's arm
> didn't mean the arm wasn't broken.

Thank you!

Even if one causes harm without meaning to, it's still wrong.

E.g. some years ago I was at a party.  A woman with an infant mentioned
needing to get his formula ready, and a man (married to another woman)
started going on about how breast is best, HIS wife had not only breastfed
their daughter but had a home birth, etc.  The first woman burst into
tears, and the man started to brush it off, until I and several other women
informed him that she had NEARLY BLED TO DEATH from a uterine hemorrhage
shortly after giving birth (and would have died, had she not been in
hospital), and was unable to breastfeed anyway because she had had
reduction surgery.  Not to mention that it was just plain rude of him to
comment on this other woman's choices.

He apologized, sort of.


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