[LMB] Unusual words and typos.

M R L Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Thu Dec 15 23:38:39 GMT 2016

In July I was lucky to spot a typo in Penric and the Sharman

'impassible' (a real word but impassable was intended, only theologians use 

In accordance with common observation, I am now sensitised and found a 
occurrence on p375 of the hc of L E Modesitt Jr's fantasy Cyador's Heirs.

So I used Kindle search and found two more in Lois's works in Sideways and 
TSK - Passage and some more in Modesitt (Treason's Tools) including a 
handful of 'passible's.

Any more ?

It's an interesting test of proofreading too.

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