[LMB] Worldview (1) Now OT: meat-grinders and jams and jellies and handmade stuff

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 16 02:00:41 GMT 2016

Damn, damn, damn. Markus reminded me of why (well, one reason why) I'm not a 
big-time importer of the rare and exotic . . . I'm an expensive plane ride 
from the customs office, at least the one in Tokyo. I could probably bring in 
$500 worth of meat grinders in an extra bag. But ordering from China and 
getting them through customs? Sounds like a headache.

Plus, I have the sales skills of Mark Vorkosigan . . . people are vaguely 
uneasy when I turn on the Salesmanship. 

Oh well, it was a fun little fantasy while it lasted. I have a friend who grew 
up in the butchering business. I live on an island with too many deer (I think 
hunters get bonuses for shooting them in some areas). And I have a good recipe 
for a couple of different kinds of sausages . . . . Teaching DIY sausage-
making and selling supplies SOUNDS like a lovely little sideline, but I won't 
get rich doing it. (-: I'd be lucky if I got minimum wage doing it. 


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