[LMB] Fat shaming, slut-shaming, and special snowflakes

Elly Jeurissen ellyjeur at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 17:40:21 GMT 2016

Op 16 dec. 2016 13:38 schreef "Walter Bushell" <proto at panix.com>:

> --
> Anita: This is why I'm waiting for an easy way for doctors to measure
percentage of fat. Not that I don't have a problem either way, a binge
eating disorder is a psychological problem where weight is the measurable
symptom.  Anita

Measuring the waist is a much better measure than BMI. Binge eating may be

But measuring the waist means you have to (shudder) touch the fat. It might
be contagious, you know.

And that is unfortunately not really a joke. One of the reasons fat women
die more of cancer is that they are diagnosed at a more advanced stage,
because they did not get the usual screenings. And part of of that is that
the medical personnel is not quite willing to touch them. I did read this
in some sort of research article in the last 10-15 years, but I cannot
recall the reference thereof. I do know that I have had doctors in the past
who would have been happy to send me home with a diet sheet, whatever the
complaint I came in with.


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