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> And that is unfortunately not really a joke. One of the reasons fat women
> die more of cancer is that they are diagnosed at a more advanced stage,
> because they did not get the usual screenings. And part of of that is that
> the medical personnel is not quite willing to touch them. I did read this
> in some sort of research article in the last 10-15 years, but I cannot
> recall the reference thereof. I do know that I have had doctors in the past
> who would have been happy to send me home with a diet sheet, whatever the
> complaint I came in with.

Most horrifying case of this -- I am sure at least some of you know who
this is --

A Boston-area fannish friend went for years with a misdiagnosed cause of
extreme obesity.  She actually had lipedema, which meant that she carried
extra fat in her extremities.  (She would lose weight occasionally and look
sort of like the cartoon character Popeye.)  But the medical establishment
just thought she was too fat.  Eventually she ran across a doctor who
figured it out, and finally started appropriate treatment for the
lipedema.  But at the same time her general health started deteriorating
and she was hospitalized multiple times.  Her kidneys were doing strange
things.  Her "numbers" were "weird."

Things became bad enough that she became homeless and was hospitalized (for
the majority of 2014-2015) and then sent to a *really bad* nursing home.
She wasn't getting a lot of the treatment she needed anymore.  She got

Finally her medical proxy convinced the nursing home to send her to the
ER.  She'd had a wound on her back that was just covered with a band-aid
most of the time ... It turned out to be cancerous.  When she had an open
MRI, it was discovered that the cancer had spread throughout her body, it
was too late, and she died less than a week later.

Now the doctors at the first hospital, a year or more earlier, had thought
about getting her an MRI because of her weird lab values, but their closed
MRI wasn't big enough for her, and they didn't bother to try to transport
her somewhere where there was an open MRI.  (This is Boston; there are

She died in July. My primary response was anger.  She basically died
because she was fat (and poor.)


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