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On 12/16/2016 12:25 PM, Beatrice Otter wrote:
> Once you have gained weight, unless there is a specific medical 
> problem causing it that can be fixed, you will be roughly that weight 
> for the rest of your life unless you have surgery.  And surgery is 
> dangerous, even relatively "safe" ones.
There is a new sort of nonsurgical option coming out of Mexico - it is 
sort of a funnel looking device that is inserted and it rests against 
the upper surface of the stomach, hitting the spot and triggering the 
nerves to believe the stomach is full. It is inserted under light 
sedation and can be removed just as easily. No removing parts of your 
innards, banding them or shoving in balloons. Last I heard it was 
undergoing live human testing in the US.
> Second, while high weight does correlate closely with several health 
> problems, it is not in /itself/ unhealthy.  There has never been any 
> evidence to suggest that it is.  The reason the American Medical 
> Association lists obesity as a disease is so that doctors can bill 
> insurance companies for dieting advice.
My bloodwork drives my endo and my cardiologist INSANE ... my lipids are 
actually *better* than my marathon running vegan and clean lifestyle 
yammering cardiologist [lead cardiologist at Yale, actually] and other 
than my A1C bobbing around a bit [it hovers anywhere between 5.8 and 6.2 
though I had an occasional run up to 8 a couple times over the past 4 
years, stress and medical issues suck] I get tapped by the vampires 
every 3 months so I have a pretty solid bank of data covering 10 years 
with my current medical team [PCP, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, 
orthopod, podiatrist, cardiologist, OB/GYN and oncological GYN]
> My aunt is a very fat woman, and though I am not, I've seen what she 
> has to go through.  She's had to go to a lot of different doctors to 
> find one who will treat her health problems without demanding she lose 
> weight first.  "You have x problem?  Well, if you lost weight, it 
> would be easier to treat, so we're not even going to try until you 
> lose weight!"
My cardiologist was grumpy when 6 years ago I told him I wouldn't 
consider bariatric surgery until the guarantee 'cure' for type 2 
diabetes hit 90% or greater, when the results of a decade of data were 
sorted out 3 years ago, he put me on the waitlist at Yale. 2 years ago I 
started losing weight [to the tune of about .5 to .7 lb per week] and 
last year I got a call from the unit secretary calling to set 
anappointment for a ru en y procedure. I politely thanked her and asked 
to be taken off the wait list because I was losing weight. A month later 
I got another call trying to cajole me into the operation ... so I 
reiterated I was losing weight on my own and didn't need them. I had a 
cardio appointment about 5 months ago where my doc said 'I see the ru en 
y worked ...' and I told him I never had it done, it was happening on 
its own ... *snicker* What a freaking sourpuss =)
> Clothing is almost as bad.  You go into the plus size department of 
> any store (even most stores designed for plus women) and the fabric 
> and construction gets cheaper and the styles get tackier. Shapeless 
> t-shirts with sequins and leaopard-print, that sort of thing.  And 
> when you complain to the manager, they roll their eyes, like it's 
> completely unreasonable that a fat woman would want to look 
> professional at the office.
Which was why when I found Deva had these *great* 3x palazzo pants in an 
ultra heavy cotton, I bought like 10 pair of them ... now I don't have 
to go in to work, I lounge around the house and since I am now down 100 
pounds to just above 200 finding decent clothing is a hell of a lot 
easier for me.
>  But even when she's with family, she gets judged.  My parents don't 
> say anything to her, but when she's not there they will talk about how 
> much she eats when she actually doesn't eat any more than they do.  
> She's fat, therefore she must be over-eating, therefore they get to 
> judge her silently.
I haven't changed from 1800 calories a day of healthy food in 35 years 
... though my chemo periods obviously I ate what I could keep down, and 
right now with this damned vomiting/nausea issue my nutritionist and 
endo have told me flat out to eat whatever I can to try and ballpark 
1800 calories, even if it is mainlining milkshakes ... there are days 
when I haven't been able to get or keep down 500 calories - and famine 
is famine whether it is mother nature, dieting or illness ... I rarely 
go out because as a fatty I don't feel like being unjustly judged though 
to be totally honest, I feel like standing up and announcing *You know, 
I knew I was coming out for dinner, and I starved myself all day so I 
could make a PIG of myself, now shut up, look away and keep your pointy 
noses out of my business* despite I rarely 'starve myself' all day - I 
cna manage to eat a LOT of food and keep it under 300 calories ... you 
just have to pick and choose what to eat.

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