[LMB] OT: Two houses, neither alike in dignity

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>Isn't that something? I remember when Harry Potter first crossed my 
>radar. I
>think I went home when the third or fourth book was just coming out, 
>and there
>were lines at the bookstores, and it made the news. "How bizarre!" I 
>I waited until the hype died down and got the first book at some point, 
>then got the rest. (-: Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago!

I ran into Harry Potter when a librarian in my local branch stuck a copy 
of _Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone_ into the adult science 
fiction section. I was halfway through it before I woke up to the fact 
that it was a juvenile, but at that point I was captured and could not 
put it down. I went out and bought my own copy and then the seven 
succeeding books.


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