[LMB] What's next?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 21 05:15:11 GMT 2016

So we're winding up the GJ&RQ overview. Still a bit of
discussion to come on that one, I hope. But then we'll need
to launch into the next one - and I can't remember if we'd
decided or not?

One day I'd like to do Ethan of Athos because I didn't really get
into the book on the first read, but then I was in my full-on reading

through the series, and spent most of the time wishing that Miles

was there. Now that I've seen Elli in action more, and have a
different view of it all, I'd like to revisit the book and see all the
things I missed the first (and second) time.

But not yet. It's not a Christmas/New Year book. More a middle
of the year book.

Ivan's book? Or can we do Penric yet? Or Cetaganda, since we've been
looking at the Cetas a bit more. I'd love to do the Chalion series again
simply because I love that world, but I think we've covered it fair bit

Any other ideas? Anyone just longing to launch into it?

Or perhaps a character study - it'd be interesting to track Gregor's
development through the books. Or, similarly, track a concept
through the series, or one of the worlds. Or maybe someone can
explain about the guy in WA wearing the feather g-string. He needs
some explanation.

So, start thinking, people. Make a choice or it's Ivan all the way.


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