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Wed Dec 21 05:46:56 GMT 2016

>     Margaret Devere <margaret at devere.net> hat am 21. Dezember 2016 um 05:07
> geschrieben:
>     From: Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net>
>     They may be searching quasi-religiously. The search alone may be more
>     important than the destination, and the destination may be either vague,
> not
>     quite defined, or unreachable.
>     Note that they have some ?improvements? which don?t seem to be necessary
> for
>     such goals. Being sexually attractive can be a tool to keep ruling - or it
>     could be part of their self-defined superiority. In our world, it is very
>     easy to assume that what one wants is what God wants, even if theology
>     disagrees. It is not hard to see their goals to be corruptible in the same
>     way.
>     Gwynne:
>     I wonder if they have an image of what the perfect Haut will be, or if
> they
>     have a goal of what the perfect Haut will be able to do.
>     Margaret:
>     Fascinating topic. I've wondered about this off and on for a long time.
>     So ... they'll be musical, artistic, all their senses will be highly
>     sensitive and developed, they'll be (blanking on the word -- ESP), they'll
>     be able to see and hear outside the normal human spectrum, they'll have
>     photographic memory at will (but not be burdened by it when they don't
> need
>     it), they'll be graceful and coordinated and have great balance, they'll
> be
>     able to do astral projection, recall past lives, they'll be able to hold
>     their breath for extended periods, they'll be able to control their heart
>     beat and respiration and body temperature to go into trance or to do
>     deep-sea diving. Conscious control of their chakras and metabolism, see
>     auras, lucid dreaming, .... anything I've left out :)

hmm - lets see: reaction time and muscle strength at least in the upper 5% of
human ability, perhaps even beyond that, concious control of the pheromone
output to subliminally control mere homo saps.

(bonus points if you identify where i stole that idea 8) )



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