[LMB] LIST BIZ part two: Why do you stay on the list?

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Wed Dec 21 14:41:52 GMT 2016

It’s tech so I can’t resist. If your computer system cannot run at 100% CPU 24/7 then its cooling system isn’t right. One big problem is dust buildup. Open it up and use a can of compressed air to blow the dirt off all the fans and heat sinks.

I don’t believe that computers wear out. If the chips get too hot thermal migration in the silicon kills them. But if they stay under 70C or so they’ll run at full speed for YEARS.

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I had another no-US-politics place I used to go to - namely Foldit (protein
folding game, sometimes end up making real contributions to the science of
proteins), but it took too much concentration and was wearing my computer
out (lots of complaints about CPU overheating if I did too much of it).

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