[LMB] OT: Black Pudding and Steak was Worldview and Pterry

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Sat Dec 24 10:13:19 GMT 2016

On 24/12/2016 6:58 PM, James M. BRYANT G4CLF wrote:
> Sylvia has never ever eaten black
> pudding or rare steak.  *shudder*
> And has thereby missed two treats

> And properly cooked
> steak should say "Moo!" when you
> stick your fork into it.

I totally agree with this despite not being able to eat it that way 
(protein allergies). Those of my friends who have tried on 
recommendation tend to love it. Roo Steak or fillet should also be just 

If it helps at all, the redish liquid coming out of a rare steak is not 
blood, but myoglobin.


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