[LMB] OT: was Languages now SCA issues

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 12:58:15 GMT 2016

We have a very civilized camp - the spare cabin tent comes with a double 
bed [side opening futon sofa that belonged to an ex roomie who emigrated 
to Australia], we have a solar panel and battery setup to recharge 
electronics, there is a 4 burner apartment sized gas range in the 
kitchen along with a small propane freezer ... we are a camp of cooks 
and like our creature comforts. [SPCA, Soup Pot Cooks Association, it 
used to be Caer Frig about 20 years ago =)] We are very laid back in 
camp - not quite hotel or glamping, but we try =) and with a few 
adjustments it is pretty comfortable. We even have a shower [or will 
once I replace the melted Zodi pressurized camp shower, it was in the 
house when it went up in flames.] All you guys would need is garb and 
money [for the food plan for the week or two weeks and for spending up 
in the marketplace.]

On 12/25/2016 5:33 AM, Baur wrote:
> i would love to come to pennsic one day .. but my SCa participation 
> rate has waned a little bit
>  - as i get older my interest in camping gets smaller (unless i could 
> camp in true nobleman's style, with a few servants 8)
> - my dear wife (she who must be obeyed) has less interest in things 
> SCA and i do not want to part with her in our scant leasure time
> - and i got burned (out) a little bit in the SCA's intercultural 
> difficulties (where fighters see pelicans as their support staff)
> servus
> markus
> Am 25.12.2016 um 02:46 schrieb Aruvqan:
>> I would love to go to an event over there sometime. Though if you ever
>> want to do Pennsic, you can stay in our encampment [W10, right down on
>> the shore of the pond] as we tend to have spare camping gear =)

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