[LMB] What guest-gift would you bring if transported to the, 5GW?

Baur baur at chello.at
Fri Dec 30 07:06:36 GMT 2016

Am 30.12.2016 um 04:57 schrieb Eric Oppen:
> Since I already know how to make gunpowder, I'd bring a good handbook with
> instructions on how to correctly distill brandy,and a set of the _Foxfire_
> books.  _Where There Is No Doctor_ and _Where There Is No Dentist,_ as
> well, and instructions on how to make a Looewenhook (sp?) microscope.  (I
> already know about germ theory and why to boil water and dispose carefully
> of night soil)

good that we both think along same lines - these books should go along 
well with my older edition ency brit and the anatomical atlas

> In honor of the occasion, I'd take a new name.  Either "Eric Padway" or
> "Lord Eric of Otherwhen."

8) - i like the second one morwe - remember how padway the elder ended out

> Seriously, while I am capable of nostalgia for the past, I draw the line at
> pestilences and bad sanitation.

yes - its nice for a holiday, but living there lacks some charms ..



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>> Snips....
>> There are not many songs that have no cultural referents.
>>>> "Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme" might work if those herbs are known.
>>>> Even the S&G version with Canticle as the counter; there's nothing too
>>>> culturally specific in there.
>> Gwynne: Why would it need to be translated? Some songs are so
>>> beautiful, just the sound of the voices and the music is perfect, the
>>> actual words are a bonus, and in some cases aren't all that necessary -
>>> how many people know the words of the Hallelujah Chorus? Or of
>>> most opera? Imagine Nessun Dorma in the temple at Cardegoss.
>> As a member of Common Thread Chorus, here in Toronto, I have sung in
>> eleven or so languages not English, most of which I have no chance in Heck
>> of speaking. A beautiful song like "El Mambi" or even "Ovdovjala Lisickata"
>> is its own justification, for the singer as well as the audience.
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>> Ross in TO, whose latest vocal model aspired to is Bryn Terfel
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