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Fri Dec 30 18:16:22 GMT 2016

True, however Aide knows the best shallow mining locations for the 
appropriate coal and minerals, the ways one extracts, and building a 
bessemer factory oddly enough isn't difficult, the trick was discovering 
the process. Blowers are easy [blade turbines don't have to be more than 
a cast wheel for pushing air, and rotating is a matter of gears and 
gearing, which do need to be made out of something a bit better than 
plain cast iron, though a basic steel would work for the early smaller 
scale versions.] Refractory materials - the alumina and silica tend to 
be mined rather than 'cooked' in a lab for the earlier versions - fire 
brick isn't rocket science, we have had firebrick since the 600s - made 
with mined rather than lab created materia. [I actually have a stack of 
firebrick for an oven building project - much coarser than the firebrick 
material shelves for my kiln.] Though thinking about it, a Dragon kiln 
can generate some impressive temperatures over a fair period of time. 
And I might point out that fire clay is generally found as the 
underlayment for coal, the best source of shallow mine coal being the 
British Islands ....*cough*

I *need* to get back to my farm, I miss my clay bank =( I hate the idea 
of spending perfectly good money for mud I can mine for free at home.

On 12/30/2016 1:03 PM, Baur wrote:
> Am 30.12.2016 um 18:25 schrieb Aruvqan:
>> I have issues [complete with tshirts and a fancy lip shaped desk phone]
>> with most writer's interpretations of gearing down to gear up again.
> i have had long discussions about this with lots of interested (and 
> interesting people)
> upscaling is not not that easy .. even if you know the basics ..
> lets take a relatively simple case - roman era iron making (bloomery 
> with hammering) to 1800 style steel making (blast furnace and 
> puddling) or 1900 style (blast furnace to bessemer or SM furnace)
> there is a large number innovations that you need to get to work 
> together at the same time .. the main problematic areas are coke, the 
> forced blast blowers and the refractory materials - getting these to 
> work will take lots of work and will not be fast - and once you have 
> them inp lace you need to develop the skills to actually use then as 
> finished system ..

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