[LMB] Gregor: The beginning

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> [LMB] Gregor: The beginning
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(SNIP, Kareen as Vordarian’s quisling)

> LMB:  This would make a very interesting AU fanfic, but it's not canon.  Really.  I would know.
> That said, another interesting speculation is how much active cooperation Kareen gave Aral and Negri, in helping set up the arrest of Vordarian that was just hours too late off the mark.  If you really want a conspiratorial Kareen, that one's rather more likely.  Vordarian was less danger to Gregor and Kareen (and Barrayar) than Serg, not a high bar to get over, but more danger to Gregor than no ambitious spouse at all, if her survival could be assured without one.  Once Serg was off the table, Vordarian was converted from asset to liability, as Kareen as much as said to Cordelia at one point. (Which almost makes me feel a little sorry for him.  Almost.)  Especially if he wasn't taking "No, wait, I've changed my mind," from Kareen well.

The only witness we have to the rescue of Gregor at the start of the Vordarian Pretendership is five years old Gregor. So I was rereading his description of the rescue and I am curious on how Negri’s team was armed. Did Negri use an old-fashion fire-arm to shoot the soldier who was holding Gregor?

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