[LMB] What guest-gift would you bring if transported to the 5GW?

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>> Hells bells, since I am all limpy and such, maybe I could glue on a
>> beard and call myself Vulcan ... if I can imagine the process of
>> bootstraping my way up and my quals as a machinist are 30 years out of
>> date I can imagine someone who is more currently educated in machine
>> tech and engineering would be able to do better than I can. At least I
>> can still draft by hand and am not stuck using a program to generate
>> drawings =)
> Especially, of course, since Eric Flint, who continued the series after Steve Stirling got busy with other stuff, was also a working machinist before he decided writing for a  living was easier than his old job combined with political agitation ... well, if you have his talent for cranking it out, yeah.
> One does wonder how much of that mechanical background was set by Stirling and Drake before Eric got his oar in.

> I think you have confused two different Drake sharecroppings. Stirling did the Raj Whitehall and Central series
> (Raj was modeled on Belisarius). Stirling started the sequel series set on a series of planets & Eric Flint did one > book after Stirling started other stuff (Tony Daniels has done a duology as well). Eric Flint did all the books
> with Belisarius and time traveling computers with competing futures; Stirling was never involved.

Well, crap, you're right.
Now I wonder how the Red Bear got that bollixed up.


Ross in TO, aka the Red Lion

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