[LMB] Space and the Nexus

Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 01:33:39 GMT 2016

I've been thinking about relativity after my last email and how it would
affect space travel and navigation. As many are aware GPS satellites have
to add a correction to account for the minute time dilation in orbital
speeds which I  think is around six or seven miles a second give or take.
Our solar system is also moving at a pretty good clip of about 12 miles or
20 kilometers a second  towards of Lambda Hurculis. This speed is based on
a frame of rest to all the other stars if are not moving.  In relationship
to the center of the galaxy that's about 200 miles a second 320
kilometers/sec. Now that's not much of a tau factor until you add
navigational. All those nano seconds do add up.  Also each star system
moves at a different speed in relation to our solar system.  The other
thing a wormhole jump to a distant target star might result in a greater
time dilation. So you do find a wormhole to say Andromeda then the tau
facter might be even greater.
       Some of those survey ship that got lost might not have been
destroyed they just might be surveying still. But, vvveeerrryyy
ssslllooowwwlllyyy.  I hope this makes sense.

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