[LMB] Penric 10 - In which Penric and Desdemona go for a walk

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 24 03:57:48 GMT 2016


I think your partner might be doing something wrong ... I doubt my 
genitals are any different from the vast majority of women [for 
accuracy, WASP, nonmutilated, normal anatomy, adult cis postmenopausal] 
and I would much rather be gotten off than any food or beverage 
available. Better than recreational pharmaceuticals as well [though as 
one with chronic pain I do admit a fondness for opioids in proper doses 
as pain relief. Can't say that being free from pain is unpleasant ...] 
Regular morning ride, languerous weekend in bed, hell, doomsday social 
orgasm all outdo pretty much anything.

Perhaps it is a function of being more mentally male in outlook? I mean, 
I have more people that have told me that in writing in MMORPGs they 
tend to think I am male, and even in person I tend to be more forward, 
almost macho - I 'go for the gusto' in a manner of speaking. I *like* 
feeling good, and good bedplay is *fun* and satisfying.


Micki: I don't think it's my partner's fault -- even with Battery Operated 
Boyfriend, it can be a struggle to choose where my pleasure time might be best 
allocated. I think it might be my body chemistry. Which may not be entirely 
normal, but may also be a quite common sort of thing. 

Do you read Jennifer Crusie? Have you ever read the doughnut scene at the end of 
Bet Me? Best of all possible worlds: sugar high and love fizzies and sexual 
gratification. It's not exactly a food fetish as I understand it, because I think 
it'd be a waste to eat it off of someone's body parts. The best scenario would be 
to seduce each other with a hot fudge sundae with two spoons, and then work off 
the calories within a loving relationship. 

Have you ever had a hot fudge sundae with a brownie base -- homemade brownie with 
brown sugar and chocolate chips, topped with homemade chocolate ice cream with 
cream, eggs and chocolate, further topped with chocolate sauce made of chocolate 
and butter? The kind where three bites leave you with a spinning brain, and 
chocolate left in your teeth and hot and cold waves running across your body? 
Maybe it's just my body chemistry. 

Say, have we had much food in Penric's book yet? It seems to be mostly 
institutional food, and a surfeit of good cheese (so much, nobody appreciates it 
properly). I wonder how Desdemona feels about food. 


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