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I took Cordelia's comment about Aral's "secret crush" to mean that she and
Aral had discussed the ramifications of acting on that crush in some
form--meaning his sexuality had likely been a running discussion between
the two of them, with Cordelia giving permission for Aral to act on a
crush, if he so choose.

Perhaps that was my reading into it but it seems if they had talked about
his various crushes, they would have talked about what would happen if Aral
acted on a crush. (I have a little theory that Cordelia would want Aral to
accept his bisexuality as not evil and the only way to do that would be to
act upon it, so she would be quite in favor of that. Aral certainly grew to
have better taste in men after Ges. One wonders just why Aristide of the
Leper Colony seems to be so comfortable around Aral in his pajamas in
Shards of Honor. Aral also describes Kou as a "clean-minded" boy in the
beginning of Shards of Honor, and I take that as an implication that Kou
perhaps was another early crush or, at least, Aral had an appreciation for
his...charms?...though at a distance.)

Why Aral acted on his crush with Jole at that time? He may well have felt
acting on it when Cordelia was in residence was not right despite her
permission. I also have a headcanon that Aral was secret worried that
Cordelia might not come back from her visit to Beta Colony. After all,
Miles was safely in military school, Gregor was safely Emperor, having
passed his first few bumps, so her maternal obligations to both were met.

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