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Wed Feb 24 18:24:13 GMT 2016

I'm trying hard to draw a line between the false and unfair "this is *just
wrong*" and the true "for myself, I would turn down such a relationship
even if the alternative was dying alone and being eaten by my fifteen
cats." I hope I am succeeding.

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> wrote:
> >
> > No matter how you slice it, I can't see the start of Aral's affair with
> > Jole as anything but a loss for Cordelia. Maybe a forgivable loss, maybe
> > even a situation where they can go forward and find some compensating
> gains
> > -- Jole is indeed a sweetie. But once, and we were there, she was
> > everything in the universe Aral wanted sexually. Not because he'd
> promised
> > on his Word and had to keep it, but as a freely given allegiance. He took
> > that gift back. She went from being everything to him to merely part of
> > everything. To have Cordelia say in the Authorial voice, not that she
> > forgave and hit the reset button and still loved but that no injury ever
> > happened, simply does not fit my life experience.
> Mine neither.    But I wasn’t raised in Beta.
> I saw this today:
> https://vanwinkles.com/what-are-the-sleeping-arrangements-like-for-polygamists
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