[LMB] GJ&RQ Ch 3 - Becoming a parent.

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 17 15:25:44 BST 2016

Oliver's babies aren't born. Not even assembled properly yet. But
when he's told that one egg failed, that there's three not four, he
feels loss. He's mourning the loss of a child who never existed. The
idea of the child. A future that never happened.

Babies make parents. And it starts so early, it starts with decisions,
long before there's a baby in your arms.

Cordelia is sorry that the gift of joy brings all this worry with it - but
from the beginning of the series she noted that bringing a life into
the world adds one more death. It's all part of the deal. And having
the children puts so many more hostages to fortune out there.

A few times it's noted that as Gregor's foster-mother she's a handle

on Gregor, and ImpSec will always be watching over her. Now
Cordelia is adding six more children, and three more than that, to
the world - all of them hostages to fate, handles on her.

Parenthood is a hugely scary risk. It's a massive responsibility.

Later we see Miles and his brood, showing that it's possible to get

it right. Well, Ekaterin is an important factor there, too.

Two more random thoughts - I like General Haines in a later
chapter equating changing a nappy to dealing with a dangerous


And is it really wise to bring up NINE VORKOSIGANS right beside a
large body of water? Just make sure all of them can swim before
they can walk.


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