[LMB] Discrimination and Prejudice

William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Mon Jul 25 05:08:58 BST 2016

Lois' work includes many examples of prejudice by different groups:
*	The Haut are prejudiced against everyone else in the Nexus.
*	In general, galactics are prejudiced against Barrayans.
*	Barrayans are prejudiced against "Greekie Hicks."
*	In Virkosigan's district, there is prejudice against the people
living in the Dendarii mountains.
*	In FF, the GalacTech vice president Apmad, is massively prejudiced
against "genetically modified post-fetal tissue cultures", that is Quaddies.

*	On Jackson's whole people in the houses major are prejudiced against
*	Lakewalkers are prejudiced against farmers and the reverse.
*	The rich people up on the bluffs in Greymouth are prejudiced against
those in drowntown.

Just like Real LifeT.

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