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On Mon, 6 Jun 2016 01:34:12 +0000 (UTC), "M. Haller Yamada"
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>Tom brought up Windows 10 in an OMG-fashion.
>What think you all? Is the upgrade worthwhile?
>I have two major issues. One is that I love the search box in the start-up menu, 
>and as such, have allowed my computer to fall into disarray because all I need to 
>do is search for it. The other thing is that I supposedly need 20 GB of space for 
>the update, but I only have about 8 GB. I'd have to get rid of/save in another 
>place an awful lot of stuff. (I know I probably should do it anyway, but, such a 
>hassle. What if I need that stuff NOW?)
>I don't mind tech advances, but I want to be able to find my stuff. 
>I'm also very mad that they keep trying to update when I don't have 90 minutes to 
>spare. But that's more about principles and not practicality.
>Oh, one other thing: my OS is in Japanese, and I'm semi-literate. I'm not sure how or if it's even good to get Windows 10 in English. (Because I do need the Japanese fuctionality, and my favorite Help Desk people are Japanese co-workers who can't deal with English Windows.) 

I've just bought a new (well, new to me: it's a factory recon) ultrabook
for travelling.  It came with Windows 10.  I've found it useful, with
two major additions:

1) Classic Shell, which gives you the choice of Windows 7 or Windows 10
look and feel.

2) Anti-beacon, from SpyBot, which turns off all the keylogging that
Microsoft built into Windows 10 ("All of your data are belong to us").

Both free.

For those concerned about being forcibly updated or tricked into
updatating to Windows 10, there's GRC's "Never10", also free.

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