[LMB] In defence of e e smith...

catherine muir c_muir68 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 16:28:41 BST 2016

...I  started a lensman re-read. Boy oh boy, is it of its time!

However, despite the many flaws (the exclamation marks! The general super-duper indescribability of his action scenes!  The aliens who adapt to first contact without turning a tentacle/whisker/claw! And did I mention the exclamation marks!!?) there are pluses which I could wish were more widespread. For example,

1. He never confuses universe, galaxy and solar system.
2. No matter how purple the prose, he never misplaces a participle.
3. He never expects technology to stand still throughout the book.
4. No matter how superhuman the hero, there is nearly always something another character does better.
5. The heroine, though gorgeous, is in no way just arm candy.
6. His explanations for FTL travel and other tech, though specious, are sort of logical in their own terms.
7. He doesn't take  the technobabble too seriously  ("sub-ether... Whatever that is... That's as good an explanation as any...")
8. He tells action adventure with considerable  mayhem, but never descends to torture porn.
9. Even the superbeings have limits.

Feel free to add more...

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