[LMB] OT: Windows 10 was: web browsers

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Jun 9 01:36:50 BST 2016

When I was in the Air Force, we used GC201 punchcards to get the Univac 1050
(Supply computer) to talk to Procurement's Burroughs 3500 computer (the
hospital, praise God, also had a Burroughs). Still, we were told this was a
huge improvement over the most popular contract clauses being stored on
paper tape. I learned how to do a little bit on the punchcard machine myself
for when our beloved GS ladies were out (we were a mixed military/Federal
Civil Service office, which made the chain of command even more excitiing
than it could be, especially when one of the GS11's married the captain's
immediate superior. We were all glad when she did it, though, and stuck with
with the Lt. Col., since we had to get her a new name stamp whenever she
married/divorced, which was several times within the space of four years). 

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net
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