[LMB] OT: Brexit - Pardon me, but....

Erik (thuis) erik.smakman at planet.nl
Sat Jun 25 12:22:06 BST 2016

Maybe this is not the place for a political discussion, but let's try to
make a comparison with the politics of Barrayar to make it more interesting.

First of all the EU is far away for most citizens. It's like you are on
Sergyar and some counts decide in VorBarSaltana, and you have never heard of
the counts at all because you never here of them.
Your local governor is also blaming all the bad things that happen to you on
'the council of counts', and not to the decisions of the local parliament.
Then there are all kind of migrants, from Komarr,  Barrayar but also from
Jacksons'Whole and other planets with different habits who want to live life
in a new place but to their old habits.
This is scary, and you think it has to do with the council of counts. Life
is getting complex, your governor is out for himself but is popular
nonetheless, and you just want a nice life.
Then a choice to leave the Empire might be a logical defense. Not that I
agree with the choice, but it should be a wake up call to politicians in the
center of the empire not to disregard sentiments in the provinces...

btw Gwynne, Czechoslovakia does not exist as a single country since the
90's. They are now the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two separate nations.

Greetings, Erik

> From: Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net

> While racists were the loudest, my take is that lots of people felt that
the European Union government was unresponsive to the citizens.    I don?t
know if this will result in it trying to change that perception.

A statement was issued blaming 'infighting in the Tory party'.
It seems they can't see past money and politics, to the frustration of
everyday people.  So I doubt they've learned anything, or find their own
arrogant behaviour in any way to blame.

Sweden, Denmark and Czechoslovakia next, apparently. 


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