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> If you want to write more female protagonists, and overthinking stops the
> writing process, my suggestion is to spend a while--a year, maybe--where
> you purposefully limit the media you consume that is male focused.  Go out
> of your way to read books about women, watch movies and TV shows about
> women, listen to songs about women's lives.  Focus on it.  Think about it.
> When you do read/watch male-focused media, ask yourself how it would be
> different if it was about a woman, instead.  (This is the kind of thinking
> that happens way before the first draft starts.)  Do it for a year, and
> then see what it does to your writing.  You may be surprised.
> Beatrice Otter
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You can find info about books for and essays on the subject on the Tor site

A lot of fascinating things

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