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>> Snip origin story - thanks, didn't know the derivation.
>> And people laugh.  It's a great story!  They remember it.  And the next
>>> time they see a badly-written OFC, they call her a Mary Sue. Except it's
>>> a judgment call, it's really elastic, and within a short period of time
>>> it's used for any OFC someone doesn't like.
>> The problem is that sometimes I *do* like them, but I wish they got a
>> bit more in the way of challenges.
> Oh, no question, there are quite a number of stories like that.  But there
> are at least an equal number (and, given how much more common male leads
> are than female leads, almost certainly far more) stories with that sort of
> poor writing featuring male characters.  So why don't we have an equivalent
> term for male characters? /That's/ where a lot of the misogyny comes in.
> It's not just that it's been expanded so it can refer to any female
> character, it's that when (under the original, stricter definition) you
> have a character poorly-written in that way, there is only a derogatory
> term for it when it's a *female* character.
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I wouldn't say Marty Stu is _never_ used as a term... I managed to disturb
my son when I pointed out the way Hoid in Sanderson's ... (let's say I
don't think this Cosmere idea is actually a good plan) ... tales looks a
lot like an author insertion Marty Stu character.

Karen Hunt

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