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A lot of Kirk's love life came from the problem of writers having to find
plot complications to fill out an episode.  Combine that with the episodic
nature of the show (actually having things in one episode directly affect a
later episode was still an undiscovered country, if you'll pardon the
phrase; I don't think it hit TV until later) and the nature of the man's
job, and you have a lot of fleeting romances.  He did have enough sense
(usually) to know that fooling around with his crew (who were, after all,
the only constant presences in his life) was not a good idea.

Would you all have preferred that the series be set on the _ISS
Enterprise,_ with an acknowledged "captain's woman?"  (Now, that would be
an interesting challenge to writers, wouldn't it?  Writing episodes for a
show set in a place where people are supposed to be evil...)

 --Eric, who would love, when I get my other fanfiction projects wrapped,
to write a story set in a Mirror-Vorkosiverse.  Meet Aral Vorkosigan, the
Butcher of Komarr, Slaughterer of Sergyar and Late Returner of Library
Books of Barrayar; his wife, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, who sold out
Beta Colony for a life of luxury and incidental servant-torture on
Barrayar, their sons, Miles, the evil genius with a twisted smile and a
knife for every back, and Mark, who's so psycho that even the Barrayarans
are terrified of him, and their cousin Ivan Vorpatril, the ruthless son of
the woman all call the Black Widow of Barrayar...

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> > As for the original Star Trek - I loved the show, but wasn't rapt in
> > some of the characters. Kirk was an arrogant sod who treated
> > anything female like Kleenex (use once and discard) but most male
> > leads in shows (and they were nearly all male then) were the same.
> > What really irked me was the attitude to Spock - not because I
> > was a Spockie, but because they showed no respect for his
> > culture. Some of the attacks on his character and attitude were
> > really savage - and these were supposed to be his friends, his
> > fellow officers, and the best examples of a tolerant culture. And
> > all they did was aim some pretty nasty attacks at him, and
> > celebrate a victory when he responded emotionally, as if they'd
> > won some contest. They attacked because he was different, and
> > were happy when they'd made him act just like them - it was
> > really offensive.
> Agreed.   And I was also puzzled by how Spock was always amazed when
> humans acted like humans.   That’s not a rational position.
> >
> > Frankly I liked the characters in Addams Family better - they adored
> > each other and everyone around them, and not only didn't care
> > about differences, but celebrated them.
> Agreed again.
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