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> A lot of Kirk's love life came from the problem of writers having to find
> plot complications to fill out an episode.  Combine that with the episodic
> nature of the show (actually having things in one episode directly affect a
> later episode was still an undiscovered country, if you'll pardon the
> phrase; I don't think it hit TV until later) and the nature of the man's
> job, and you have a lot of fleeting romances.  He did have enough sense
> (usually) to know that fooling around with his crew (who were, after all,
> the only constant presences in his life) was not a good idea.
> Would you all have preferred that the series be set on the _ISS
> Enterprise,_ with an acknowledged "captain's woman?"  (Now, that would be
> an interesting challenge to writers, wouldn't it?  Writing episodes for a
> show set in a place where people are supposed to be evil...)
>  --Eric, who would love, when I get my other fanfiction projects wrapped,
> to write a story set in a Mirror-Vorkosiverse.  Meet Aral Vorkosigan, the
> Butcher of Komarr, Slaughterer of Sergyar and Late Returner of Library
> Books of Barrayar; his wife, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, who sold out
> Beta Colony for a life of luxury and incidental servant-torture on
> Barrayar, their sons, Miles, the evil genius with a twisted smile and a
> knife for every back, and Mark, who's so psycho that even the Barrayarans
> are terrified of him, and their cousin Ivan Vorpatril, the ruthless son of
> the woman all call the Black Widow of Barrayar...

Ah! Barrayar seen by the "civilized" polities in the Nexus! Quotes because Barrayar is also civilized - just not domesticated! 

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