[LMB] LMB as Mary-Sue

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Wed Mar 2 10:23:37 GMT 2016

On Mar 01, 2016, at 02:40 PM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:

As for the original Star Trek - I loved the show, but wasn't rapt in
some of the characters. Kirk was an arrogant sod who treated 
anything female like Kleenex (use once and discard) but most male
leads in shows (and they were nearly all male then) were the same.
What really irked me was the attitude to Spock - not because I 
was a Spockie, but because they showed no respect for his 
culture. Some of the attacks on his character and attitude were
really savage - and these were supposed to be his friends, his
fellow officers, and the best examples of a tolerant culture. And
all they did was aim some pretty nasty attacks at him, and 
celebrate a victory when he responded emotionally, as if they'd
won some contest. They attacked because he was different, and
were happy when they'd made him act just like them - it was 
really offensive.

Ingrained racism of a sort, but resembling some forms of reactions some have to gays & lesbians, wanting them not to be so different--in their opinion.
Frankly I liked the characters in Addams Family better - they adored
each other and everyone around them, and not only didn't care
about differences, but celebrated them.

Oh, yes. "Are they made of real Girl Scouts?" The Girl Scout in that scene later showed up as Harmony in Buffy & Angel.


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