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Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 22:49:53 GMT 2016

On Wed, 2 Mar 2016 14:49:19 -0500, Corrina Lawson
<corrinaannelawson at gmail.com> wrote:

>The best cat I ever had was a tortie. Poor little soul, tossed out of a
>moving car with her litter mates.
>When I first adopted Elf, she was three pounds and fit in the palm of my
>hand. She picked me out when I looked over her litter mates.
>She lived almost 23 years and definitely ruled the rest of the cats. She
>had a downturn at age 20 when we lost her long-term companion, our cat
>Claude, at 19. But when we got two new kittens, she perked up and took care
>of them like their mom. I'm convinced it added those extra years onto her
>I miss my Elf kitty still. She was one of a kind. At the end, she had all
>my kids trained to hand-feed her treats.

My mother's cat was a long-haired tortoiseshell tabby.  Lived to be
20-odd, looked like butter wouldn't melt- but cut a swathe through the
small-mammal population of the area.  And not-so-small; she brought home
rabbits occasionally, and once a hedgehog.

I caught her early one Boxing Day (day after Christmas, a holiday in the
UK) playing with a piece of wrapping paper.  She'd spread it out at the
bottom of the stairs, then run down and leap onto it, sliding down the
hall carpet.  Then drag it back, and do it again.

When she noticed me watching her, she flounced out in a huff, as though
nothing so undignified could possibly have happened.

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