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> > From: Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>
> Some snippage....
> > A lot of Kirk's love life came from the problem of writers having to find
> > plot complications to fill out an episode.  Combine that with the
> episodic
> > nature of the show (actually having things in one episode directly
> affect a
> > later episode was still an undiscovered country, if you'll pardon the
> > phrase; I don't think it hit TV until later) and the nature of the man's
> > job, and you have a lot of fleeting romances.....
> It was a common feature of most popular shows at the time - every
> week a new, attractive girl would be in the episode - often the daughter
> or sister who needed the brave hero to clear or rescue her male relative.
But at least Kirk left town, and the Girl of the Week, behind at the end of
the episode. On Bonanza, the family of one dad, three grown sons stayed in
one place. How did they get rid of the GotW?  I think that was the show
that birthed the term 'bride-icide'.

> >  --Eric, who would love, when I get my other fanfiction projects wrapped,
> > to write a story set in a Mirror-Vorkosiverse.  Meet Aral Vorkosigan, the
> > Butcher of Komarr, Slaughterer of Sergyar and Late Returner of Library
> > Books of Barrayar; his wife, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, who sold out
> > Beta Colony for a life of luxury and incidental servant-torture on
> > Barrayar, their sons, Miles, the evil genius with a twisted smile and a
> > knife for every back, and Mark, who's so psycho that even the Barrayarans
> > are terrified of him, and their cousin Ivan Vorpatril, the ruthless son
> of
> > the woman all call the Black Widow of Barrayar...
OK, start writing, i want to read that!
someone wrote a dark-hero version of Tammy Pierce's Circle of Magic, and it
was creepy becasue so true to their characters.

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