[LMB] LMB as Mary-Sue

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> > Oh, no question, there are quite a number of stories like that.  But there
> > are at least an equal number (and, given how much more common male leads
> > are than female leads, almost certainly far more) stories with that sort of
> > poor writing featuring male characters.  So why don't we have an equivalent
> > term for male characters?
> Oh, you silly old silly-head!  There's no term for male protags like that
> because male heroes are NORMAL.  It's only those uppity ladies who step out
> of supporting-character role who have to be labeled and mocked.

Check out the basic premise - and leading character - in Disney's ZOOTOPIA. "You? A policerabbit?" Snicker, guffaw, indulgent "We'll let you be a meter maid!"

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