[LMB] OT: DVDs for sore eyes

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sat Mar 5 04:15:45 GMT 2016

Aha.  In my search for DVDs that would rest my eyes without rotting my 
brain, I found my public library has most of this series:


I'd seen _The Great Courses_ around in ads for years, but always at 
heart-stopping prices.  I wonder how many other library systems have 
them, too?

I'm partway through one on Geological Wonders, one on Ancient Greece, 
and one on English word origins.  (Focus, governor...)

It's sort of like having your own private professor in a box.  So far, 
just about PBS Special level, nothing too hard.

The lecture format doesn't have quite the information-density of 
something with more pictures, like a PBS show.  Having just read  a book 
on the rise of medieval universities, it gives me much to think about 
the continuity of pedagogical culture -- and how it may be on the verge 
of being blown away by modern data systems.  Meanwhile, though, it's _so 
soothing_...  and, of course, free.

Ta, L.

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