[LMB] Competing with - his sister?

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> But what not even Lois has tackled (yet?) is the brother whose *sister* is
> the achiever, and what do you do then? Dismiss the achievement as "a girl
> thing?" Revolt? Decide to not even try? Food for thought!
> GW: We have Whit (Fawn's brother) and Hugo (Ekaterin 's).
> I guess Teidez doesn't count. How about Ista's brother?
> I guess what you mean is you want the brother to be a POV character.
> Look Ma, I bottom posted from a mobile device! Sorry the punctuation isn't
> perfect.
> Gretchen

Teidez isn't even trying to compete with Iselle - he considers himself to be The Prince, and she's Just A Girl. 
Ista's brother is the Provincar of Baocia; she's a poor pitiful madwoman.
Hugo considers himself to be the Head of the Family and Ekaterin's guardian; to him, she's a dependent who shouldn't be running around loose without a guardian. 
And Whit was one of the Bullying Brother Pack Fawn was glad to be rid of.

So no, none of these grew up in their sisters' shadows at all. 

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