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Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 00:51:58 GMT 2016

On 3/9/2016 6:51 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 09, 2016 at 06:25:34PM -0500, Aruvqan wrote:
>> I mean, just the media tab is around 600 lines of just what we could
>> find of books, DVDs CDs and artwork. She choked when I pointed out
>> that the way the policy is writ, *exact* replacement is what is
>> called for. If I claim for a Fannie Farmer's Boston Cooking-School
>> Cook Book, then bedamned they get me a price from ABEBooks so I am
>> able to buy that specific edition, not a reprint. I told her that I
>> would be willing to take yard goods, notions and the goodies from
>> Fire Mountain Gems to reproduce my Elizabethan gowns ... I won't
>> even charge them my hourly rate for redoing it .. she sort of choked
>> at seeing that they can sell in the *thousands* of $US ... and I had
>> to explain that they all tend to be handmade and decorated and can
>> take several hundred hours even at minimum wage can run in the
>> thousands.
> Whaddaya wanna bet that the insurance company insured you without
> doing or seeing an accurate inventory of what is actually there, and
> without any clue what "full replacement cost" would come to. I betcha
> if you insure with them again, they'll charge a whole lot more!
Sucks to be them ... one of the reasons we are documenting with photos 
<evil grin> Who knew having been a licensed insurance provider for State 
Farm would be useful against Allstate *snicker*

They are going to take a hit of like $20 K they are trying to short us 
on structure replacement ... it doesn't matter, we insured for $160K, 
they will pay $160K ... I don't care that the town reassessed us and the 
property value dropped ... sucks to be them. We paid the policy for 24 
years with absolutely NO claims ... now they are getting a claim. 
[Though in truth we will probably be shifting to insure the house with 
State Farm now, so it can package together with the other SF policies we 

But again, I can encourage everybody to at least go and get a camera and 
take pictures of the interior of your house showing the general stuff - 
though you can always detail everything - and store the info away from 
the property in case of disaster or robbery. Or get a small fire proof 
and temp resistant safe to hold documents and such, money well spent. We 
were actually more worried about the barn burning than the house to be 
honest. Oops... but one never plans for arson [unless it is of the self 
help variety!]

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