[LMB] OT: maybe? related work, What a Kiss Can Do by Kathy Johncox

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 01:02:42 GMT 2016

Did someone (Stacey?) talk about this book already on the list? I was doing some 
research on dwarfism, and ran across a recommendation for the book on the Little 
People of America website. 

Overall, it's a very fun read. It's got some serious clunks in it, but somehow, 
Kathy Johncox manages to hold the whole thing together and provide a satisfying 

But the thing of note is that the hero made me flash back to Miles a dozen times 
during the book! Which I think someone else noted earlier. 

The basic story is a contemporary modern romance or women's journey with some 
science fiction design elements. There's also a mythological component that I don't 
quite grasp (mistletoe, possibly ravens). There's a love triangle that is 
unnecessarily complicated IMO. And the hero is 4 foot 8 inches high, and scary-

Want to dissect it a bit, either here (OT: of course) or offlist? 


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