[LMB] OT: Andre Norton suggestions, hip surgery, and cats' lives

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Thu Mar 24 12:40:48 GMT 2016

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> Subject: [LMB] OT: Andre Norton suggestions, hip surgery, and cats' lives
> Thanks for the suggestions for Andre Norton books. I'm leaving for six weeks on the road (driving a campervan down the MIssissippi to the Gulf then to the Rio Grande ((Big Bend)) and finally the McDonald ((sp?)) Observatory and Carlsbad Caverns). I'm taking Catseye with me and Moon of 3 Rings will be waiting when I get home.
> Hip surgery -- Pat mentioned that she has an operation coming up April 18th. My husband had a hip replacement this past November and the difference is amazingly fantastic. People living in chronic pain and who can't move or do the things they always could can become very unhappy. My husband is now a happy man.
> Cats' lives -- Sadly, Pat also spoke of her shadow cat reaching its end (finally, it sounds like, poor thing). Yeah, been there. You have my deep sympathy. One reason I am postponing getting a new pet (both the cat and dog died in 2010) is because the end of each life is a small tragedy. (There are other reasons that aren't such downers -- we get to take care of family pets when our relatives go on vacation.)
> --
Thanks, Elizabeth. At least it's spring, and the bulbs in the yard are in full glory; my second cat Spot is being very cuddly and gentle; and I have someone come in weekly to do the things I can't do, a lot of it lately, hauling things. It's been an exercise in patience.


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