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Well, not Barrayaran per se, but there's the Betan TV movie about the
Escobar invasion which so enrages Elena at Miles' grandmother's house.

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> A conversation on Baen's Bar made the question arise in my mind... the
> OP's question was the perennial,  Would I want to write a book about the
> Cetagandan invasion?  (No, thank you.)
> But how many books, novels, plays, and vid dramas have the Barrayarans
> (and the assorted galactics involved) written on the subject?  What would
> they be like?
> We know of two academic ones, the history textbook Dr. Galeni contributed
> to, and the still-suppressed book about the contents of the bunker that
> caused him to tear out half his PhD thesis (_The Barrayaran Imperial
> Service, a Century of Change_, iirc) and possibly hair.  And we know of
> _The Adventures of Captain Vortalon_ as a vid series -- which may have
> appeared in other media.  What else...?
> And how would the fiction reflect the assorted times it was written in?
> Ta, L.
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