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> But how many books, novels, plays, and vid dramas have the Barrayarans 
> (and the assorted galactics involved) written on the subject?  What 
> would they be like?
> And how would the fiction reflect the assorted times it was written in?
> Ta, L.

Shortly after the victory over the Cetas there'd be some heroic dramas
and epics, but rather carefully written because most of the Barrayaran 
characters (or their relatives) were still alive - you really wouldn't want
to offend Piotr Vorkosigan.

Then Yuri lost the plot, and there'd be some blood-soaked dramas about
that, again rather careful not to offend the winners. Probably all rather

Things would be rather careful during most of Ezar's rule. with some 
heroic epics about the conquering of Komarr, and the bitter loss at

Later, during the Regency, people would start to look back at the Good
Old Days, pre-contact, with all kinds of romantic historical dramas (like
the ones that Ekaterin so disliked when she was growing up.)  As Nexus
contact brought social change people would become nostalgic about
the simpler times, with a rosy glow that carefully ignored all the nasty
problems of those days.

During Gregor's reign they'd start to turn away from all the military-focussed
wartime sagas (mind you, before Gregor's reign it was wartime most of
the time, really), and there'd be more examinations of social change.
Kitchen sink dramas, more stories featuring proles instead of Vor heroes.

Plus, of course, that well-known series of comedies:

Carry On Cetas - A hilarious romp through the Cetagandan invasion, with
sly Barrayan freedom fighters disguising themselves as women of easy virtue
to sneak into the Ceta camp, leading to some hairy moments with the Ceta
general and his staff....

Carry On Up the Dendarii - Another mirthful visit to the invasion, this time
following a band of brave Dendarii freedom fighters who must find a list
of resistance agents before the Cetas get to it. Unfortunately the list was 
hidden inside the luggage of the Ceta General's Haut wife. A maid hid the
list inside a rather personal item, and now a brave Dendarii rebel has to
penetrate the Haut defences.....

Carry On Emperor - A glorious look back at the days of Dorca and Pierre
le Sanguinaire. Plots, betrayal, executions, devious manipulations - and
all while the High Vor party at the Residence and below stairs the servants
find time for some fun as well. 

Carry on Auditor - An Auditorial investigation has to deal with lusty Vor 
maidens, naughty prole maids, soldiers standing stiffly to attention, Counts
raiding each other's manure stores...

Carry On Up the Council - The Council of Counts in all its glory. Plotting, 
making deals, devious Countesses, innocent Vor maidens (and some not
so innocent), ambitious lords, and it all comes to a climax at the Council

Carry On General - Piotr Vorkosigan's Dendarii rebels fighting the Cetagandans.
Assisted by enthusiastic village women, the General must penetrate the
Ceta encampment, avoiding the rather personal overtures of the Ceta leader, 
and find the invasion plans....

Carry On Admiral - Hilarity on the fleet heading towards Komarr. Aral Vorkosigan
and his merry men have to deal with female Komarran spies who've stowed
away on the flagship, plus a political officer who likes to inspect his troops 
very closely....

Ahhhh the classics.

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