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On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 03:13:36PM -0700, mmjustus at mmjustus.com wrote:
> So, I was finally going through my dusty old shelf of VHS movies with the thought that I really ought to get them out of here (I’m thinking about selling my condo, and there’s a lot of clutter I’m looking at with an eye to finally getting rid of it).  But I was looking at some of the titles and thinking, I’d really like to have DVD copies of them.  So I went looking on Netflix, and on Amazon, and some of them apparently just never made it to DVD (also, some of my tapes are bootlegs of stuff that never made it to this side of the pond).  Nothing on streaming, either, so far as I can tell.  Some of it’s just pretty obscure.
> Anyway, I was wondering if there was a cheap/easy way to get them recorded digitally, either to stream them on my computer or to record them on DVD.  Going to a commercial service is Right Out, IME, because of copyright issues.
> Anybody do this sort of thing as a hobby?  There’s only about half a dozen of them I’d *really* like to keep...

I've done that. it's not particularly easy, by which I mean it can
take quite a while for each tape: however long the tape runs is how
long it takes for a computer to capture the data (which also requuired
some appropriate hardware and software to connect the computer and
the VHS tape player). Then several stages of processing can take that
much longer, perhaps times 2 (or 3).

I have a (nearly) full set of commercial tapes of Inspector Morse, and
Sherlock Holmes (the ones from the 80s), and I spent quite a while
converting them. I found I could do one a day (inclduing also going
to work that day) if I scheduled my time carefully.

there are several USB converter tools on Amazon, none of which I have
used, so I can't speak to their quality, and at least some of them
come with software (for Windoze), again I haven't used that software
either. Some reviewers say its great, its easy, some say the software
sucks. caveat emptor.

One of the devices for sale there is branded "Dazzle". The converter
I used (borrowed from a friend) is also branded Dazzle, but it's
clearly a different device. The one I used uses Firewire connectivity,
and firewire is going out of style, so its hard to even find a computer
that has it. (luckily I have a couple). (I converted mine on a LInux
system, using Kino, dvgrab, dvdstyler, devede, and maybe a few other
bits of software, so the provided software wouldn't have done me any
good even if I had had it.)

but the most painful part is the time it takes. if you want it badly
enough, you can do it. I did! :)

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