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On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 12:41:13AM +0000, M. Haller Yamada wrote:
> That's a very interesting and very difficult question, LE. I would say if Miles' 
> behavior changes, it's based more on context than language. When he's speaking 
> BarRus (Barrayaran Russian), he's surrounded by Barrayaran Russians, and their 

my guess is that Miles (often? usually? by default?) speaks in Barrayaran
English, based on textev from multiple places (ACC, when shwing Ekaterin
his Dendarii uniform) where the comment is on his bearing and accent,
with no mention of a language change.

but nevertheless, your query remains valid.

> special needs and concerns and prejudices. When he's speaking BetEng (I'm assuming 
> it's Betan English), he's surrounded by Betans and their special needs and concerns 
> and prejudices. 
> Language may act like a tool for getting him into that world's mindset, much like 
> a uniform also acts as a prompt (see the notable bedroom scene when Miles tries 
> on his old Dendarii uniform). 
> I sometimes have the chance to speak Japanese with other native American English 
> speakers (for example, we are talking in front of some people who don't speak 
> English but do speak Japanese). I would say that because I know certain 
> sensibilities of stereotypical Japanese, I would keep those in mind and wouldn't 
> be quite as free with my tongue if we were speaking in front of native Japanese 
> speakers. But if we were speaking Japanese in front of people from, say, China or 
> Mongolia, I don't self-censor myself as much. 
> If I were speaking Japanese with strangers from China or Mongolia, though, I 
> would probably under slightly different constraints because 1) strangers and 2) I 
> don't know enough about China/Mongolia and 3) but as fellow people with 
> international experience, I would feel freer to go into some conversational 
> topics than I would with people who don't have ex-pat experiece. 
> My two cents of anecdotal evidence (-:. 
> Micki
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